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    KMUW 89.1FM 2016 Archive

    20. January 2016

    Gordon Parks: A Celebration of Life and Work January 20, 2016—A round-up of city-wide institutions simultaneously presenting work by seminal photographer Gordon Parks. [expand title=”Full transcript”] This winter, you have many opportunities to learn more about Kansas photographer Gordon Parks. The Ulrich Museum just opened Visual Justice: The Gordon Parks Photography Collection at WSU. This […]

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    KMUW 89.1FM 2015 Archive

    7. January 2015

    Looking Forward to a Colorful 2015 January 7, 2015—A round-up highlighting upcoming exhibitions in Wichita for early 2015. [expand title=”Full transcript”] 2014 brought us some stellar art exhibitions. Some of my favorites were: the Ulrich Museum’s Bruce Connor retrospective; American Moderns at the Wichita Art Museum; Randy Regier’s installation of TYTON at the Salina Arts Center; and George […]

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    KMUW 89.1FM 2014 Archive

    8. January 2014

    Looking Ahead to 2014 January 8, 2014—Look at four new exhibitions opening at the Ulrich Museum of Art. [expand title=”Full transcript”] It’s the New Year, and with it comes the excitement of change and things to come. Galleries are preparing for their newest shows, but for 2014 the Ulrich Museum is taking the bull by […]

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    KMUW 89.1FM 2012-2013 Archive

    9. January 2013

    2013 Early Year Exhibitions January 9, 2013—A round-up of exhibitions opening in the new year. [expand title=”Full transcript”] Early January always holds such great optimism. A new year. A fresh start. A clean slate. This fades of course as the daily grind, well, grinds away. But until then, reveling in the newness of the year […]