CCA Buoyant Ecologies Float Lab

September 8, 2019

CCA Float Lab prototype in the San Francisco Bay. Photo by Adam Marcus.

California College of the Arts (CCA) Architecture department won several major awards for its Buoyant Ecologies Float Lab, a project led by faculty Adam Marcus, Margaret Ikeda, and Evan Jones. The Buoyant Ecologies Float Lab is a prototype for a new kind of resilient coastal infrastructure. It merges expertise from design, advanced digital fabrication manufacturers, and marine ecologists to imagine a floating architecture of the future that can exist productively with its surrounding environment.

Press coverage below was on the occasion of the prototype’s deployment in the San Franciso Bay in August 2019. It is currently moored in the Port of Oakland’s Middle Harbor Shoreline Park, where it serves as a floating research platform for developing ecologically optimized substrates for wave attenuation.

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